Quynh Paris confirmed the creativity in the birthday party of Madam Phuong Thao- VietJet Air


Quynh Paris is a familiar designer for CEO Phuong Thao in many important events. In the monumental birthday party of Madam, Quynh Paris Designer continues expresses creativity and talented in the dedicated outfit for CEO of VietJet Air.

Madam Phuong Thao was beautiful with a purple evening dress designed by Quynh Paris

The theme for the birthday night is ” Timeless Inspiration – endless inspiration”. This is like the image of CEO Phuong Thao is always a source of inspiration for many young people, especially many women. An interesting coincidence is the collection for the concert of Quynh Paris Designer which launched in WORKSHOP –  The specified style hidden – created the new style to the end of May has the same name Timeless. This interesting has created a lot of inspiration that Quynh Paris designer decided to choose this Collection as a gift for Madam’s birthday.

CEO Phuong Thao thanked Quynh Paris Designer for giving her a special birthday gift

Besides the investment in meticulous costumes, the factor contributing to this birthday gift was the complete contribution of Misses, Runners and Models who spent time to show and support for Quynh Pairs. Along with the army team as well as skilled professional makeup of Nguyen Binh has made the “transformation” for the Misses, Runners and Models became more prominent to be able to shine on stage, make the birthday party more grandiose!

E-kip Make up Nguyen Binh, Models and Quynh Paris Designer

E- kip make up Nguyen Binh

Let’s see images in Timeless Collection as the forum in the night birthday of the CEO Phuong Thao Sublimation in design of Paris has to over the touch in the birthday:

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